Osian RobertsAssociate Director and Energy Lead, BSc Dip UD MRTPI

Associate Director, Energy lead

Osian is an experienced planning consultant with a career that spans over 18 years. During that time he has honed his expertise in both private consultancy and local authorities. His varied background gives Osian a rounded understanding of the pressures and preferences of both sides.

He pre-empts the risks and hurdles that might cause delays, and irons out contentious issues. Where the council has concerns, Osian gives clients accurate insight into the extent of any changes that are required. With his experience and detailed insight, he is able to get complicated applications approved expeditiously.

Osian has been a key member of the DPP team since 2016 and is now the head of our Energy team. He leads teams on complex solar and battery storage projects, and has overseen the planning requirements for the roll out of large-scale EV charging hubs across the UK.

Osian’s practice extends beyond energy projects and he has worked on various residential, employment and education projects. Some of his key clients include Llanmor Homes, Robert Hitchins, and ISG contractors.

As a native Welsh speaker, Osian understands the nuances of the Welsh community and landscape. In the delicate area of consultation with the locals, Osian helps residents feel at ease by addressing them in Welsh. This connection breaks down barriers and creates the space for a collaborative discussion between developers and communities.

Speak to Osian about projects in: energy, residential, employment and education, and any projects based in Wales.

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