Planning Applications

Navigating policy and politics to secure approval

There is more to a successful planning application than simply filling in forms. We make representations on your draft plans and we actively promote your application.

Your application stands the best chance of approval with the help of our team of experts who:

  • Create strategies and programmes for community, stakeholder and political engagement
  • Negotiate with the local planning authority and statutory consultees, most of whom we know, through our network of offices nationwide
  • Prepare and submit supporting information for your application
  • Champion your proposals, informed by technical expertise and knowledge of the site
  • Advise you on conditions and legal agreements
  • Examine changes to planning policy and apply them to your project
  • Support representations to the LPA through expert evidence at examinations
  • Lobby policy makers and political influencers on your behalf

Our work is founded on policy and guidance, but we’re not hampered by them. With strategic thinking, we navigate policy to develop projects that benefit communities, and balance commerciality.

Strategic Thinking

Unlock the solutions you need for your project’s success with a creative
strategy devised by directors with experience in your sector.

Respectfully Professional

Work with planners who are focused on getting the job done, and invested in building long-term relationships with clients.


Wherever your project is based, you benefit from the expertise of planners nationwide. Our teams collaborate internally and work seamlessly with architects, designers and other professionals.

If you’d like to discuss your project with one of our directors, please get in touch.