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DPP’s Cardiff office has re-located within the city to DESG, a new property-focused office ‘community’.

Desg, meaning ‘desk’ in Welsh, opened its doors earlier this year and represents a modern, ‘safe’, but thriving working environment.

Located on the edge of the city centre, but directly adjacent to the vast green spaces of Llandaff Fields, the move reflects the collaborative way in which DPP works with other property experts to deliver planning outcomes. Combining architects, property agents and communications professionals, the new space enables greater collaboration and identification of opportunities.

The space combines a collection of diverse spaces addressing many work-place scenarios, adding sound absorbing booths and collaboration spaces with a dedicated office space. The 5* hotel standard design and finish together with the dedicated ‘concierge’ style management of the space has a luxury feel that makes it a pleasure to work in. A gym and amazing members-only lounge overlooking Llandaff Fields also create an added interest to our team and clients who visit us.  

Speaking about the new venture, Desg founder Ross Hooper-Nash said:

Finding this building in a bustling community with the benefits of the park meant we stumbled on the perfect location for our business,’. ‘We saw an opportunity to offer flexible working to help create a positive environment with a better work life balance. Shared work spaces have moved on. Desg is a sophisticated space that has been created to help you feel your best and be your most productive.

Speaking about the move, Chief Executive Officer at DPP Gareth Hooper said:

Our move to Desg reflects the way in which we have been working for few years now. It combines great dedicated space and areas for virtual meetings with incredible shared space which promotes collaborative working with clients and the wider ‘community’ at desg. The space and facilities create an environment that our team are excited to be in.

Images: Owen Mathias Photography and Foresso

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