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Mental health awareness is not just a week for us, it is part of who we are as a business. 

Four years ago in the midst of the Coronavirus Pandemic, we introduced a wellbeing plan to ensure our people have the right support and guidance in place for their mental health and wellbeing, which came the fore during such unprecedented times. These plans have continued and evolved and has led to a positive and inclusive wellbeing culture here at DPP.

Many wellbeing benefits are offered throughout the year but one of the most popular was introduced last year and enables each member of our team to finish work at lunchtime one Friday each month, taking time for themselves however they want to use it. From fixing a bike puncture, decorating, coffee and cake, having a facial or travelling to Venice! We encourage our people to take time out for themselves and do something that they enjoy on work time!

Throughout this week, we have held various events to promote mental health awareness week. We started the week off with a lunch and learn session on mental health awareness, colleagues participating in thought provoking activities across offices.

Our charity of the year is MIND and so we held an open coffee morning at our Newcastle office, where a MIND spokesperson joined to provide a talk on mental health and wellbeing. The cakes were a huge hit, and all donations went to MIND!

Following the theme of “movement”, we have seen lots of dog walking photos shared this week, with people enjoying the sunshine, getting out, and ‘moving’ to promote their wellbeing. Others joined a lunchtime yoga session to relax and unwind, learning techniques that can be used at their desks. Finally, each day wellbeing themed prizes were given to lucky winners.

As a people led SME, our team is our biggest asset and this week more than any other we have come together to encourage our individual and collective wellbeing, creating a happier and stronger team.

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