Mulgrave Properties

Local Authority

Harrogate Borough Council

Project Description

Greenfield Residential

Marton cum Grafton, Harrogate

We submitted a full planning application to construct 9 detached dwellings on a greenfield site adjacent to the Conservation Area in Marton cum Grafton near Harrogate.

The site forms part of a draft housing allocation in the new Local Plan which is yet to be adopted by the Council, and the proposals involved the loss of an existing pond which was found to be populated by Great Crested Newts as well as the invasive plant species New Zealand pygmyweed. A replacement habitat needed to be provided for the newt population on adjacent land and there were also various other issues to resolve with regard to adverse comments from Historic England, the site drainage and design and in particular the need to retain an important view across the site. There were a significant number of local objections to the proposal.


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      • Pre-application Preparation
      • Public Cosultation
      • Planning Committee Representation
      • Application Co-Ordination