Falmouth Property Investment Ltd

Local Authority

Cornwall County Council

Project Description

Town Centre Student Accommodation Appeal


Fish Strand Hill, Falmouth

DPP were appointed following the refusal of planning permission for the redevelopment of the site to create a 112-bed student accommodation scheme at a derelict former quarry site in central Falmouth. The refusal of permission followed a change in the local planning authority’s stance on the appropriate location purpose built student accommodation in Falmouth.

DPP were appointed to review the prospects of success at appeal as well as alternative forms of development at the site.  DPP subsequently submitted an appeal but also co-ordinated a pre-application submission for a residential development at the site. DPP co-ordinated the appeal submission, instructing counsel and drawing together the technical experts required to address the reasons for refusal. DPP successfully managed to agree the withdrawal of a number of reasons for refusal before the hearing, which DPP led, addressing concerns raised by some 150 residents and a dedicated campaign group. The Inspector was unanimous in his view support with DPP’s case that the Council had afforded undue weight to the emerging policy which did not support the proposals. He also agreed with DPP that the Council had not afforded the benefits of the proposals adequate weight and was positive in his assessment of the proposals. The case presented by DPP was so compelling that the appeal decision was issued just three weeks after the hearing. DPP are now appointed to discharge conditions to enable a start on site later this year whilst a residential scheme on an adjacent site is also now being worked up.


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  • We are delighted that the Inspector found so emphatically in support of the proposals. With so much opposition to the scheme and with the council’s position growing stronger as they moved towards adoption of their Plan, there was a risk that the Inspector would have been swayed by the well-formed arguments against the proposals. However, he agreed that the Council has applied too much weight to the emerging strategy and that the resident’s concerns related to the growth of the University rather than the provision of student accommodation.

    Gareth Hooper CEO, DPP Planning