Planning excellence and
committed collaboration

Transforming towns and cities

As the CEO of DPP, I’d like to give you a brief introduction to us, and what we can do for you.

As an organisation, we aim to be the planning consultancy recognised for our creative approach to problem-solving and our personal approach to professionalism.

It’s important to us to create affable working relationships with everyone we deal with. At the same time, we strive to develop planning strategies that make the best use of land and buildings and transform towns and cities in the UK.

For over forty years, and as planning has become increasingly complicated, we have navigated policy and guidance to create planning proposals that are approved swiftly by Local Planning Authorities.

We have worked with some of the UK’s largest developers and landowners, and secured planning approval for transformative projects across the country. From our five offices, we’ve been able to cover an expansive geographical area, because we’re strategically placed in London, Cardiff, Leeds, Manchester and Newcastle.

Wherever your project is based, you work with people who have specialist knowledge of the local landscape, and what it means for your sector.

It’s our unique blend of technical acumen and personal relationships that sets us apart from other planning practices. Where some consultancies may be hampered by policy, we handle deft negotiations with technical precision to create possibilities for our clients.

I hope this short overview of who we are and the work we do provides an insight into what we can achieve for you.

Gareth Hooper – CEO, DPP Planning

Planning the Future

For many organisations, the planning process can be a minefield of paperwork, red tape and delay.

We’re dedicated to taking that burden away from you, so that your full attention can remain focussed on delivering your vision.

We want you to see us as a valued partner and collaborator in the development process. That’s why we spend time getting to know you, your key contacts, your organisation, and your aims for the project.

With that rounded understanding of the strategic goals for your project, we exceed your objectives. We apply our technical knowledge of the planning environment to help you design your project in ways you hadn’t first thought about.

Whether your priority is achieving a greater return on investment, meeting a firm deadline, or managing your impact on the environment, we navigate the planning regulations to achieve it.

Our outstanding track record is the reason we are trusted advisors to some of the largest development organisations and land owners in the UK. Our clients describe us as commercially astute and knowledgeable and you can find our testimonials on our website.

Committed collaboration 

Keeping your project on track

We understand that one of the most frustrating setbacks in any project is delay.

That’s why we collaborate closely with you, the architects, the project managers, and the Local Planning Authorities to keep driving your project forward.

With us, no job is left sitting on a desk. We keep in contact with the Local Planning Authority so that your application remains their top priority.

As an independent practice, we are free to work with the best people for your particular job. We become key intermediaries in the project to unlock the possibilities of the site.

We listen closely to your objectives at the outset, and while our role is to execute the planning, we see it in the context of the overall aim.

So we think beyond the ‘task’ and create strategies that achieve your vision.

Planning excellence 

Technical knowledge, applied creatively

Directors at DPP each have decades of experience in planning. We’re experts in our sectors.

It’s the directors who own the business, and who have ultimate responsibility for driving each project forward. That’s one of the ways that we stay accountable to high standards of client service. It’s our personal reputations on the line if anything goes wrong.

But we make sure that our technical knowledge is filtered through the business. All of our planners have exposure to a broad range of projects across the business, and with help from our structured training, they are all technically astute.

At every level, planners focus on attention to detail so that our applications are presented professionally.

We tackle the each of the issues raised by the proposals. When potential problems arise, we don’t just inform you of the issues, we present you with the options to work around them.

With planning excellence across the business, we can offer flexible pricing without compromising the service you receive.

Our services

Planning is at the heart of most development projects. The submission of a planning application is usually the culmination of number of elements and we lead on each of these services. You get peace of mind that each part of the planning process is covered, while you focus on the other business objectives.

Appraisals and feasibility studies

If you’re purchasing or developing property, we give you the advice you need on the planning prospects.

Planning applications

We promote your planning application through negotiation with the LPA, and prepare the information you need to secure approval.

Community and political engagement

For consultations, we give you strategies and programmes for community, stakeholder and political engagement.

Land and policy promotion

We help you get the favourable policies in place to approve your development.

Planning appeals and Judicial Reviews

We navigate the appeals process for you, and help you apply for judicial review when it’s appropriate.

Project Management

Clear, responsive project management and seamless coordination is vital to the success of any project.

Sector specialisms

Our expertise is broadly split between Housing, Education and Commercial sectors, and within those categories we have specialist knowledge of niche sectors.

Click on each of the sectors to find out more about the projects we’ve worked on in these areas, and the people that lead each of these practices in DPP.