DPP Planning are preparing to submit an outline planning application to Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council on behalf of Caddick Land. This is for the development of approximately 50 dwellings in respect of the land off Main Street, Stanton under Bardon.

Undertaking public consultation with local residents in advance of submitting a planning application is an important part of the process for applicants, and allows members of the public and the local community to engage with the vision of the site and to provide valuable feedback on the proposals.

Site Description

The site adjoins the southern boundary of Stanton under Bardon, and is outlined in the aerial image to the right. Stanton under Bardon can be characterised as a linear settlement with Main Street being the main road through it. Whilst linear in character there is extensive development to the eastern side of Main Street.

The site lies to the east of Main Street and is bounded by mature hedgerow to the north west and west. Immediately to the north east there is a partial hedgerow beyond which there are a number of residential dwellings and gardens that run along the entire north eastern boundary. To the south east there is the further mature hedgerow whilst to the south and south east there is a post and rail fence. Further, to the south there is a collection of dwellings at the junction of Thornton Lane and Main Street.

Caddick Land

The developer is part of the Caddick Group of companies which involves a partnership approach between Caddick Land, Caddick Developments and Caddick Construction. The developer has built a portfolio of residential sites delivering happy and vibrant new communities within urban, suburban and rural locations, whilst meeting the needs of modern life. Working with a multi-disciplinary design team, the developer aims to identify and create opportunities for housing developments that can be delivered quickly, efficiently and to a high standard.

The developer operates a simple and transparent model that enables it to work with a range of projects from individual parcels to large, complex developments. The Caddick Group is well funded with a long track record of delivering successful high quality projects.

Proposed Development

The forthcoming application will be an outline planning application for up to 50 dwellings. As such, no house types are proposed at this stage however it is anticipated that these will be traditional 2-storey detached, semi-detached and terraced properties in a range of 2- to 4-bedroom properties. There will also be a policy compliant amount of affordable housing provided.

Access is proposed from Main Street, at the north end of the site, with an internal access road arcing to the south and extending eastwards. The existing footpath running through the site will be retained and a new central landscaped area will be created. The trees and hedgerows to the north, east and west will be retained and protected wherever possible and supplemented by street trees. A strong planted belt will be provided along the southern boundary of the site, and, as a whole, a strong landscape and ecology context will be provided that will result in a net gain in biodiversity across the site. Internally, shared surfaces together with ample landscaping will also be used to further soften and filter views of the proposed development. A landscaped area is also proposed within the southeast of the site to create an area of biodiversity improvements and also provide for a surface water attenuation basin. The development is being brought forward at this time in order to help with the Council’s address the lack of a 5 year housing land supply which is set nationally by the Government. The emerging Local Plan aims to resolve this however the need for housing in the Borough is a pressing and an immediate issue.

The Emerging Local Plan 

Between February and March 2022, Hinckley and Bosworth Borough Council consulted upon their latest version of the Local Plan. This version of the Local Plan sets out the Council’s preferred options for the Borough and is the final consultation prior to submitting it to the Government for independent review via the Planning Inspectorate. The emerging Local Plan is at an advance stage in the plan preparation process.

In the latest version of the Local Plan, the site has been allocated for residential development in order to meet the needs of the local area. An indicative capacity was shown as 56 dwellings. The proposals therefore seek to bring forward the site, in line with the emerging Local Plan, and will fulfil Stanton under Bardon’s housing requirement up to 2039.

The Neighbourhood Plan 

In April 2017, Stanton-under-Bardon and Bagworth and Thornton Parish Councils joined forces to prepare a neighbourhood plan and establish a Steering Group involving Parish Councillors and residents from both parishes. Within the Neighbourhood Plan the site was allocated as a reserved housing site for 50 dwellings. Since then the Neighbourhood Plan Steering Group has been decided to remove all of the residential allocations from the Neighbourhood Plan as the Council indicated that it required significantly more housing. As part of the emerging local plan for the district Stanton under Bardon will be required to accommodate at least 50 dwellings.

Tell us what you think

We would welcome any views or feedback in relation to the proposed development, prior to the finalisation of the proposed plans, and the submission of a planning application to the local authority.

Comments can be submitted electronically via the contact form at the bottom of this webpage or via email to

Alternatively, please post any feedback to DPP, One Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5HN. Please return your comments before 15th April 2022.

Once the planning application has been submitted, full details will be available on the North East Derbyshire council wesbite and there will be further opportunity to comment.

We look forward to receiving your comments on the proposed development.

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