Proposed redevelopment of the existing Southglade Primary & Nursery School at Bestwood Park Drive, Nottingham, NG5 5NE


Welcome to our public consultation page for the proposed redevelopment of the existing Southglade Primary & Nursery School at Bestwood Park Drive, Nottingham, NG5 5NE. 

The proposals will be the subject of a formal planning application to Nottingham City Council but before this, we are providing an opportunity for local Members, school staff and residents to view and comment on the proposals. 

The application is being submitted on behalf of Bowmer + Kirkland, who are working with the Department for Education to deliver the proposed development. 

Undertaking public consultation with local stakeholders in advance of submitting a planning application is an important part of the process and allows members of the public and the local community to provide valuable feedback ahead of the planning application being submitted.  

The Site

The application site comprises the current Southglade Primary & Nursery School, located to the North of Nottingham and is approximately 1.8 hectares in size.

At present, the school is made up of several blocks of school buildings to the south of the site and has capacity for 420 primary school students and 52 nursery places. The site also contains a playing field and a lottery funded Multi Use Games Area (MUGA) to the north of the site, which is shared with the local community.

The Proposal

The proposed development involves the demolition of the existing buildings in phases, to be replaced with a single, two-storey school block, to be constructed partially over the existing footprint of the school. The two-storey building will allow for a more efficient and smaller building footprint which creates the opportunity for more outdoor space and landscaping on site.  The new buildings would accommodate the same number of pupils as existing, 420 primary school pupils and 52 nursery places.

The existing shared use MUGA to the north west of the site will be retained to allow for continued community use and the proposals will see the maximum reuse of existing all-weather and hard surfaces, thereby minimising the introduction of new hard surface areas. Other existing site features such as trees and wilder/garden areas have also been retained and are proposed to be incorporated into the new scheme.

Access arrangements for vehicular and pedestrians into the site will not materially change.

Part of the school’s wider vision is to enable the new building to be safely and securely used by the local community.

The proposal to demolish the existing school in phases will allow a retained number of facilities on site during construction for user continuity, including access to the existing school reception for visitors. This will minimise the temporary accommodation requirement and consequential impact on school users generally.

Overall, the proposed development will result in enrichment of the school and facilitate wider opportunities to underpin the school curriculum, based both on and off the school site.

Providing your Feedback

We would welcome any feedback you may have on the proposed development and will be holding a public consultation event on Monday 20th February from 4.30pm to 7.30pm at Southglade Primary & Nursery School, Beckhampton Road, Bestwood Park Drive, Nottingham, BG5 5NE. Members of the project team will be available to answer any questions and take your comments.

Please click here to view the consultation boards

If you are unable to attend the event, please either use the feedback box below or send any comments you may have to

If you would feel more comfortable providing written comments, please post your comments to:

DPP, Studio 012, Haylofts, St Thomas’ Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4LE

Please issue any comments by 27th February 2023

We will review your comments in partnership with the wider project team.

Once the planning application has been submitted, full details will be available on the Nottingham City Council website and there will be a further opportunity to comment.

We look forward to receiving your comments on the proposed development.

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Illustrative Landscape Masterplan

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Proposed Site Sections

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Proposed Ground Floor Plan

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Proposed First Floor Plan

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Proposed Circulation Strategy

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