Bowmer & Kirkland

Local Authority

Harrow Council

Project Description

UK’s First State-Funded Hindu Secondary School


Avanti House Free School

Bowmer & Kirkland had been appointed by the EFA to deliver the UK’s first state-funded Hindu secondary school (Avanti House) within Harrow.

The development will make provision for 1,260 secondary school places within a high-quality modern school environment, provide qualitative enhancements to the existing sports provision and introduce new road junction improvements.

DPP was appointed to conduct pre-application discussions with all the relevant consultees such as Sport England and the Greater London Authority (GLA). We also prepared the relevant planning documents and submitted the planning application to Harrow Council.

Whilst acknowledging the conflict with planning policies, which seek to resist the loss of open space and sports pitches, we successfully advised that this should be balanced against the benefits of the development in terms of educational provision, enhanced sports provision and junction improvements.

The Harrow Planning Committee resolved to grant planning permission for the scheme in February 2016, subject to referrals and the completion of a Section 106 agreement.

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Services Provided

    • Planning Application preparation and management
    • Community and Political Engagement
    • Consultation
    • Submission of planning application
  • This site is ideal as it's in the heart of the local Hindu community and is easily accessible by bus and tube. The playing fields aren't very well used at the moment and there are no changing facilities. We will improve the quality of the sports facilities and making them available for use by local schools and other members of the community.  

    A spokesman for the Avanti Schools