Welcome to our public engagement page for Knaresborough Leisure and Wellness Centre.

Harrogate Borough Council and Brimhams Active are excited to announce plans for a new health and wellness centre coming to Knaresborough in Spring 2023 to replace the ageing Knaresborough Pool.

Following feedback last year the project team have been working hard to design proposals that meet the varying needs of the community in providing modern, fit-for-purpose leisure and wellness facilities for generations to come.

Now is the time to let us know what you think about the design proposals ahead of the proposed planning application being submitted.

Undertaking public engagement with the local community in advance of submitting a planning application is an important part of the process for the applicant and allows members of the public and the local community to engage with the vision for the site and to provide valuable feedback on the proposals.

Once the application has been submitted there will also be an opportunity to comment as part of the planning application process.


The proposed site is in a sustainable location with good pedestrian connections to the town centre, and to public transport links. Its proximity to the high street places it next to complementary uses whilst still being within walking distance of neighbouring residential areas. The site features many established trees, a children’s play area and Fysche Field and is accessed via car from King James Road. It is bounded to the south east and and north west by residential properties.

An aerial image of the site is shown below:


The proposed development will provide a new, more accessible leisure and wellness facility to replace the existing Knaresborough Swimming Pool that has come tot he end of its working life.

The vision of Brimhams Active who will manage the site is to have ”a healthier more active population living longer more independent and happier lives”. 

In order to achieve this vision the new centre will significantly enhance Knaresborough’s sporting, leisure and wellness provision by offering a wealth of fitness activities which has been informed by the results of previous engagements with you. A key requirement of the project brief is to maintain the current and vitally important local leisure service to support and encourage healthy and active lifestyles. 

The project team have considered a range of options for the location of the new building on site, which have included the location of the existing buildings as well as considering other parts of the site. In determining the most suitable location for the new building the site constraints have been taken into account, including established trees, open greenspace, ecology, neighbouring listed buildings and the conservation area, the existing building and adjacent residential properties. Consideration has also been given to cost and buildability.

Details on the options which have been considered and discounted are detailed on the information boards which are appended to this webpage.

Preferred Option

The preferred location for the new building is towards the back of the Site, where the current play park is located. This allows for the retention of Fysche Field and will also enable the provision of a new play area. It positions the building well within the site, creating a sense of openness to the south.

The form of the building has been developed in response to site opportunities and constraints, environmental conditions and the function of the spaces inside.

The following key themes have informed the proposed design:

– Destination on the High Street: Creating a destination at the end of the journey through the high street and strengthening the route for pedestrians.

Bedding down into its setting: Allowing the building to connect to its environment and sit comfortably within its setting.

– Celebrating heritage: Using materiality and rhythm to hint at the history of the area and to compliment the local vernacular of the historic market town.

The new centre will significantly enhance Knaresborough’s sporting and leisure provision and will include the following:

  • 25m, 6 lane pool
  • Learner pool with water flume 
  • Sauna and steam room
  • Modern changing rooms, including accessible changing facilities
  • Fitness suite with over 60 pieces of equipment
  • Large fitness studio
  • Dedicated spin studio
  • Café
  • Electric charging points
  • Bicycle storage
  • Large play area

The development will create a focus for existing and new community activity. through increasing participation and retention, promoting inclusion and expanding the facility offer, the centre will improve the health and wellbeing of Knaresborough residents. The welcoming, modern and fun new building will ensure that visitors feels motivated, supported, welcome and ultimately, inspired to return. The development will have the community at its heart with an open building that is flexible and adaptable to suit many different users whilst maintaining a scale and form that creates a ‘pavilion in the park’. Predominantly using natural materials and neutral palettes the building will integrate with its landscape providing views in and out of the facility.

Further details are included on the information boards below.


We would welcome any feedback you may have on the proposed development. To tell us what you think, please use the feedback form below.

We will also be hosting a public engagement session on 6th October 2021 between 5pm and 8pm at Knaresborough Pool, King James Road, Knaresborough, HG5 8E.

Please provide your comments by 24th October 2021.

All feedback will remain anonymous but will be shared with Harrogate Borough Council and will form part of the Statement of Community Involvement which will be submitted as part of the planning application.


You can download a full set of consultation boards HERE.

Individual boards can be viewed and downloaded below.

A copy of the boards will also be displayed at Knaresborough Leisure Centre during the public engagement session.


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