Proposal for 67 High-Quality Dwellings and a 1,858sqm Commercial Building at land east of West Lund Lane, Kirkbymoorside


Welcome to our public consultation page for the proposed hybrid application seeking full planning permission for the construction of 67 new, high-quality dwellings, and the erection of an 1858 sq.m commercial building for the immediate extension of Sylatech and outline permission for the future expansion of the company together with associated access, parking and landscaping on land to the east of West Lund Lane, Kirkbymoorside.

A planning application is due to be submitted to Ryedale District Council shortly, and we are providing you with the opportunity to view and comment in advance of the submission. The proposed development is being submitted by DPP on behalf of Mulgrave Properties and Sylatech.

The Site is located to the east of West Lund Lane and lies to the south of the settlement of Kirkbymoorside. The Site is outlined on the aerial image below and measures approximately 4.1 hectares in size.

The Site currently comprises greenfield land which was last used for agricultural purposes. The site is owned by a single landowner. The wider surrounding area comprises of a mixture of residential and employment uses.

The Developers

Sylatech – Sylatech is a design and engineering business based in Kirkbymoorside with a significant heritage of 56 years in delivering precision custom engineering solutions for its customers.

Prior to the COVD-19 Pandemic, Sylatech had been experiencing a high rate of growth and whilst this has been significantly impacted by the current challenging business environment, its long-term ambitions, to achieve similar levels of growth, remains. For some time now, Sylatech has been outgrowing its existing facilities and has insufficient space to expand.  To ensure that Sylatech is fully prepared and in a strong position for growth after the Covid-19 pandemic has passed, it is important that Sylatech puts plans in place now, to expand and modernise its current premises.   When it returns to growth, Sylatech expects multiple customers to require increased capacity, and therefore it is vital that this anticipated customer demand, is ready to be capitalised upon.

The land adjacent to Sylatech’s current facility is identified in the local plan as expansion land for the business and Sylatech has agreed terms with the landowners to acquire it. The proposed development by Sylatech will ensure the long-term future growth of Sylatech and will result in future job opportunities in Ryedale and Kirkbymoorside. As pressure to expand their facilities grows, without the ability to expand their existing premises, Sylatech may be forced to look at sites or facilities outside Kirkbymoorside and potentially the district.

The proposed residential development is needed in tandem, in order to help secure the proposed expansion of Sylatech.

Mulgrave Properties – Mulgrave Properties is an award-winning house builder specialising in developing unique, high-quality residential properties. The business started life as the development arm of the historic Mulgrave Estate based in Lythe near Whitby. The early development was either on parts of the Estates picturesque 15,000 acres or in close proximity. As the company has grown, it has expanded its area of operation and now operates across the north of England and is a significant provider of homes throughout Yorkshire.

The Proposal

The proposed hybrid application seeks full planning permission for the construction of 67 new, high-quality dwellings, and the erection of an 1858 sq.m commercial building for the immediate extension of Sylatech and outline permission for the future expansion of the company together with associated access, parking and landscaping on land to the east of West Lund Lane, Kirkbymoorside.

This represents an important opportunity for the Town to future proof both employment land and high-quality residential provision in the area.

A number of plans have been included below to show further detail of the proposed development; however, a summary of each part of the development is provided below.

1. Full planning permission for a 1,858sqm extension to a commercial building occupied by Sylatech

The proposed development seeks full planning permission for the development of a new commercial unit with associated access to be occupied by Sylatech as part of their future expansion plans. A commercial building of approximately 1,858sqm is proposed to the north of the proposed residential development and will act as an extension to the existing commercial building to the east in which radar and communication products are produced. The building will be approximately 7m high to its eaves and will be clad in profiled metal cladding. Access for customers and visitors will be taken from West Lund Lane whilst staff and deliveries will continue to use the existing access onto the A170.

2. Full planning permission for a proposed residential development with associated access, landscaping and associated works.

The attached layout shows a residential development with a total of 67 new dwellings to be built by Mulgrave Properties. The residential element of the scheme will include a range of different types and tenure; however, they will all be 2-stories high and will range from 2-bedroom to 4-bedroom properties. Each dwelling will have its own private rear garden and at least one allocated car parking space.

The layout of the scheme has been designed with the opportunities and constraints of the Site in mind, with particular focus on the proposed Sylatech building to the north and the associated level changes. The layout of the proposed development is centred around the main estate road with a number of shared surfaces and private driveways. The northernmost plots side onto the new factory building with sufficient space for a planted buffer and retaining structures. A 7m landscaping buffer will separate and, in time, screen the proposed residential development from the new employment unit to the north. The topography and undulating levels of the site will allow for the separation of uses.

Existing perimeter trees are to be retained and incorporated into areas of open space filtering long distant views. Areas of open space have been incorporated into the design of the Site; located centrally and to the eastern corner wherein a proposed pedestrian connection to Ings Lane is proposed. An additional area of open space will also run along the western and southern boundaries of the Site which will increase residential amenity as well as separating the new development from the highway and the open countryside.

The residential development will be served from the new access onto West Lund Lane.

3. Outline planning permission for future commercial development

The second part of the application seeks outline planning permission for the development of further commercial floorspace. At this stage the size and location of the floorspace to be created is indicative, however it is envisaged that there will be a further extension to the main commercial building proposed in this submission together with two units to the east of West Lund Lane. It is envisaged that the two buildings close to West Lund Lane will be occupied by subsidiary companies to Sylatech thereby allowing the company to break into new markets.

Providing your Feedback

We would welcome any feedback you may have on the proposed development. Please provide your comments using the Feedback Form below, entering your name, email address and comments (please note, all feedback will be anonymous once submitted).

Alternatively, if you prefer not to use a computer, please feel free to post your comments to:

DPP, One Park Row, Leeds, LS1 5HN

Please submit your comments on or before 2nd January 2021.

Once the planning application has been submitted, full details will be available on the Ryedale District Council website and there will be a further opportunity to comment.

We look forward to receiving your comments on the proposed development.

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Proposed Wider Site Plan

Download Proposed Wider Site Plan

Proposed Site Plan – Mulgrave

Download Proposed Site Plan – Mulgrave

Proposed Sylatech Elevations 1 and 2

Download Proposed Sylatech Elevations 1 and 2

Proposed Sylatech Elevations 3 and 4

Download Proposed Sylatech Elevations 3 and 4

Proposed Ashby House Type

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Proposed Ashby House Type

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Proposed Henley House Type

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Proposed Henley House Type

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