Proposal for the development of an International Centre for Connected Construction (‘IC3’) at Ellison Terrace, Ellison Place, Northumbria University, Newcastle upon Tyne


Welcome to the online public consultation page for the proposed development of the International Centre for Connected Construction (‘IC3’) at Ellison Terrace, Northumbria University, Newcastle Upon Tyne. The IC3 is being delivered by the IC3 partnership, which assembles over 20 partners from industry, academia and regional government, led by Northumbria University.

A planning and listed building consent application for the proposed development is due to be submitted to Newcastle City Council shortly, and on behalf of our client, Northumbria University, we are providing you with the opportunity to view and comment in advance of the submission. Detailed design work is currently underway, and we would welcome your input.

The aim of this consultation is to provide you with information about the development proposed, and to offer you the opportunity to submit any comments you may have regarding the proposed development.

The Site

1-5 Ellison Terrace is a Grade II listed building, and the Terrace and gardens extend to approximately 0.21ha.

Ellison Terrace is located on Northumbria University’s campus, with other University buildings located within the immediately surrounding area. The site is an approximate 2-minute walk from Newcastle city centre, which provides a variety of shops, amenities and facilities within easy walking distance from the site.

Ellison Terrace is owned and used by Northumbria University. The Terrace is linked internally linked through a series of corridors, however the space is poor, outdated and not fit for purpose.  The buildings have been altered over the years and whilst historic features remain within the fabric of the building, many have been lost or altered.

The Site is outlined in red on the Location Plan below:

The Proposal

The proposed development principally comprises the refurbishment and remodelling of Ellison Terrace to bring it up to a specification which is fit for academic use and will enhance its functionality; ultimately ensuring its continued viability and longevity.  The proposals also include the addition of a contemporary rear pavilion extension to the terrace, which will provide a ‘front’ door to the building and a clear link with the opposite Sutherland Building, fostering academic adjacencies and connectivity.

The two storey new pavilion extension will provide a high impact building, as an attractive focal point and front door for visitors and industry partners, yet will sit sympathetically within the curtilage of the adjacent listed buildings.  Public realm improvements will enhance the overall setting of the garden space, behind Ellison Terrace and Trinity Lane and enhance connectivity across the University estate. The refurbishment works will seek to bring the poorly connected property into a single, cohesive and flexible building that is fit for purpose as a modern university building. The terrace will provide a mixture of office, laboratory, breakout and IT rich spaces, designed flexibly to accommodate a range of potential University departments.

Whilst there will be alterations to the Listed building resulting from the proposals, many of these changes will be positive, undoing previous unsympathetic alterations and exposing and enhancing retained features.  Loss of historic fabric will be minimised and mitigated where possible.

The proposed development will deliver £10 million of direct investment into the refurbishment and remodelling of Ellison Terrace and the addition of an extension to the rear of the Terrace, in order to create Northumbria University’s International Centre for Connected Construction (‘IC3’). The proposed development will provide the facilities needed to drive positive transformation in the global construction industry through the application of digital technologies and smarter working practices.  IC3 is a centre of excellence driven by a cluster of innovative North East organisations creating positive transformation in the global construction industry.  The aims of IC3 include:

  • Enhancing the North East region’s digital construction expertise.
  • Creating a thriving ecosystem that will increase productivity.
  • Creating new knowledge and drive global exports that create long term economic growth.

The proposed development will include a new build/retrofit IC3 building and living lab which will be an exemplar of connected construction.  The IC3 building will be a Demonstrator project for the IC3 ethos, values and operation through which Northumbria University can help clients and the construction supply chain locally, nationally and internationally understand and offset embodied carbon to support NetZero ambitions.

With collaboration at its heart, IC3 breaks down silos across the built environment and leverages digital technology to underpin new holistic ways of working that create safer, better quality, better performing built assets.  IC3’s network of industry, academia, and public sector is developing practical solutions to real challenges, accelerating their route to market.

The contemporary pavilion intervention proposed to the rear of Ellison Terrace, will generate substantial and wide-ranging public benefits (details of which are provided further below) through facilitating and delivering the IC3 and through enabling the ongoing viable use of the listed building. The forthcoming planning and listed building consent application will be supported by a detailed heritage assessment, undertaken by a qualified heritage advisor, alongside a clear and convincing public benefits case to demonstrate that any identified harm to the listed building is outweighed by the scale and range of public benefits.

The Proposed Development will seek to sustain, conserve and, where appropriate, enhance the significance, appearance, character and setting of the asset, paying particular attention to ensuring that the proposed extension/new link building is appropriate in scale, mass, footprint, materials and architectural detailing to reflect the significance of the listed building.

Public Benefits

The application site offers an excellent opportunity to revitalise the outdated facilities in place at Ellison Terrace which, due to its sustainable location within the centre of Newcastle upon Tyne, will generate the following significant social, environmental and economic benefits:


  • IC3’s location has been selected to facilitate key academic adjacencies with Northumbria University’s flagship Architecture centre within the Grade II Listed, and recently extended and renovated, Sutherland Building.
  • IC3 will be designed to excite and inspire visitors with the possibilities of digital technologies in the built environment, housing a range of flexible and dynamic space to accommodate exhibitions for businesses, students of all ages and the general public, events for the extensive and impressive network, co-working for exciting spin-outs and fresh thinking PhD students and a range of meeting rooms for staff, partners and members.
  • Regeneration of an under-used site to provide an exceptional quality development for the IC3.
  • IC3 will bring social benefits in the form of new jobs and increase in local spend, together with a reduction in leakage of talent from the City through space, support and opportunities offered within the IC3.
  • The scheme will allow the site to be opened up to the public, increasing accessibility to the Site and surrounding area through enhancements to the public realm.
  • Sensitive renovation of the Listed buildings will enable their continued viable use and upkeep.
  • Critical facility for collaboration and innovation within the construction industry, creating a flagship that assembles over 20 partners from industry, academia and regional government.


  • Redevelopment and reuse of a brownfield, city centre site in a highly sustainable location.
  • Incorporation of sustainable design to promote energy efficiency and Northumbria University targets for achieving carbon neutral by 2040. Building standards will meet the sustainable construction agenda and deliver an energy efficient building benefiting the end users and wider community, reducing CO₂ emissions.
  • Public realm enhancements through incorporation of the lane to the north, including by way of a considered and sensitive lighting scheme, hard and soft landscaping, and opening up pedestrian access to and through the site. The development will create an enhanced space against the surrounding listed buildings and will result in considerable betterment than existing through careful landscape design.
  • Long-term management and viable use of this historical piece of townscape in Newcastle. Enhancement of an under-used site through sensitive redevelopment.


  • Led by Northumbria University, IC3 is a flagship that assembles over 20 partners from industry, academia and regional government, bringing together the whole construction supply chain with the digital sector and academia. Using a combination of demonstrator projects, open data and innovation, business acceleration and collaborative R&I, IC3 will enhance the region’s digital construction expertise, creating a thriving ecosystem that will increase productivity, create new knowledge and drive global exports that create long-term economic growth.
  • Direct investment of £10 million, leading to direct and indirect construction jobs and subsequent opportunities through operation
  • Creation of 46 new FTE roles within the first 3 years of operation
  • IC3 is a centre by industry, for industry and has been developed to meet 6 strategic objectives:
  1. Establish the North East as a leading global centre for industry led digital construction research and innovation, generating economic benefits for the regional economy.
  2. Develop a critical mass of researchers and innovators through a hub and spoke model which facilitates the benefits of colocation while accessing other knowledge and expertise through links to other research and innovation centres, including through virtual links.
  3. Improve construction industry productivity through accelerating the adoption and application of digital construction methods and practices.
  4. Support North East companies to export new applications/products, expertise and services into national and international markets.
  5. Accelerate the commercialisation of new ideas, applications and market opportunities through support for higher education and private sector spin outs and high growth new starts.
  6. Work closely with industry to ensure the availability of a high skilled labour force for digital construction occupations in the construction industry.

Find out more about the IC3 here:

Providing your Feedback

This project creates an opportunity to create an exciting, leading centre for excellence in construction in a highly sustainable location within Newcastle City Centre.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to post your comments using the Feedback Form on our consultation website, or by emailing your comments to The design team will review your feedback and formally record and respond to key topics within a Statement of Community Involvement, which will be submitted with the application.

Alternatively, please feel free to post your comments to:

DPP Planning, Studio 012, Haylofts, St Thomas’ Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4LE.

Please submit your comments on or before 12pm on Monday 14th June 2021.

Once the planning application has been submitted, full details will be available on the Newcastle City Council website and there will be a further opportunity to comment.

We look forward to receiving your comments on the proposed development.


The IC3 will be a centre that builds on research, and leading the North East in innovation.
Northumbria University is beginning that research in excellence from the foundations of this project and is looking for participants to take part in research surrounding public consultations and improving its methods via digital means. If you are interested in participating in this study please confirm via this link:

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