Proposal for Residential Redevelopment of land to the south of Fletcher Road, Gateshead


UPDATE – Consultation Extended until the 3rd of February 2021


Welcome to the online public consultation page for the proposed development of 100 no. residential apartments on land to the south of Fletcher Road, Gateshead.  The residential redevelopment of this site is being delivered by Bellway Homes and will provide a range of high-quality homes.

A planning application for the proposed development is due to be submitted to Gateshead Council shortly, and on behalf of Bellway Homes, we are providing you with the opportunity to view and comment in advance of the submission. Design work is currently underway and we are keen to hear your views and receive your input.

The aim of this consultation is to provide you with information about the development proposed for the application site, and offer you the opportunity to submit any comments you may have.

The Site

The Site extends to 0.91ha and forms one of the ’Quays and Baltic Development Opportunity Sites’ under adopted policy QB3.4 within the Newcastle-Gateshead Core Strategy and Urban Core Plan. Policy QB3.4 allocates the Site for mixed-use development, encompassing a mix of principal uses including residential use (use class C3). The Site was previously developed but has been vacant since its previous use ceased.

Within an existing predominantly residential area, the Site is an approximate 7-minute walk from Gateshead town centre, which provides a variety of shops and facilities, and an approximate 15-minute walk from Newcastle City Centre.

Planning permission for demolition, conversion of existing buildings and new buildings for residential accommodation, hotel use, office use, leisure use and food and drink use was granted on this site and land immediately to the south-west (Worsdell Drive / Ochre Yards) in April 2002 (ref: 103/01). The land immediately to the south-west of the Site is now developed in the form of residential apartments.

Planning permission was then granted on the Site in 2005 for office, retail, restaurant, and drinking establishment use (ref: DC/05/01476/FUL), and in 2007 for office development (ref: DC/07/00686/FUL), however this has not transpired, and the Site remains vacant.

The Site is outlined in red on the location plan below:

About the Developer

Bellway Homes was founded in the North East in 1946 as a family business and remains headquartered in the Region. Bellway Homes is recognised today as one of England’s most successful housebuilders with a reputation built on trust, service and quality. Bellway Homes has a five-star builder status which confirms its place amongst the country’s elite housebuilders.

The Proposal

Bellway Homes (North East Division) is seeking planning consent for a new residential development of 100No. residential apartments.  The apartments will provide a mix of 1 and 2 bedroom homes.

The development proposal will deliver accommodation across seven apartment blocks, each 3-storeys in height; the scale and massing of which will be designed sensitively seeking to conserve the significance and character of the conservation area and existing townscape and landscape.

Exceptional quality development of this vacant Site will significantly improve the appearance of the Site and will be of local importance in enhancing the vitality of the area.  The development will also play a large part in facilitating the ongoing sustainable growth, development, and regeneration of the banks of the River Tyne within close proximity to the urban centres of Gateshead and Newcastle.

Details of the proposed development include:

Public Open Space

The development will provide areas of communal open space for use by residents and their visitors on the application site which will be integrated and landscaped alongside car and cycle parking spaces.


Traffic and pedestrian flows associated with 100No. apartments are not anticipated to cause an unacceptable impact on the local highway network, particularly as the site is sustainably located within close proximity to key amenities and services (Gateshead Town Centre and Newcastle City Centre) which will help to encourage the use of sustainable modes of transport by future residents including walking and cycling. A Transport Assessment will be prepared and submitted with the planning application.

Access to the site will be achieved to the south west of the site from the existing mini roundabout on Worsdell Drive. The site is well served by public transport and is supported by good pedestrian and cycle connections onto the surrounding networks. The proposed development will also deliver adequate levels of car and cycle parking spaces to meet the needs of both residents and their visitors.


The application site is located within Flood Zone 1 (areas with the least likelihood of flooding). Pre-application discussions with the Local Planning Authority have confirmed that a Flood Risk Assessment is not required, however a Drainage Strategy will be prepared and submitted with the planning application to ensure that surface and foul water can be adequately discharged to the satisfaction of the Local Lead Flood Authority and Northumbrian Water.


The site is located within a designated Wildlife Corridor, and therefore an ecological survey, assessment, mitigation and enhancement report will be submitted with the planning application to ensure that construction and operational phases of development do not impact negatively upon biodiversity.


The site is located within close proximity to a railway line (adjacent to the south eastern boundary of the site), and therefore a Noise Impact & Vibration Assessment will be submitted as part of the planning application to ensure that future residents of the proposed development will not experience any negative or adverse impacts.


Bellway Homes’ project team are in discussions with the County Archaeologist to agree upon an adequate scope of archaeological investigation required to be submitted as part of the planning application.

Ground Conditions

The site is situated within a mineral safeguarding area, and therefore a Coal Mining Risk Assessment, alongside a Phase 1 Land Contamination Assessment (including Geotechnical Investigation) will be submitted as part of the planning application.

Responsible Construction

Bellway Homes are committed to adopting adequate measures in order to reduce the impact of the development on the amenity of neighbouring residents. Such measures will include adhering to a Construction Management Plan to ensure that surrounding roads are kept clean from any potential mud and debris as a result of the construction process.


The application site offers an excellent opportunity to regenerate brownfield land on the banks of the River Tyne in Gateshead, and to deliver much needed housing in a sustainable location within close proximity to Gateshead Town Centre. The proposed development will generate the following positive benefits for the local area:

  • Gross Development Value (GDV) of approximately £16.75m
  • Generation of £335,812 in increased Council Tax receipts per annum
  • Supporting 34 direct Full Time Employment (FTE) construction jobs and 51 indirect FTE jobs per annum over a 3-year build period
  • Value of Direct Construction Jobs- £3.6 million
  • Generation of £45,740 of additional household expenditure per week and £2.38 million per year
  • The provision of much-needed high-quality housing in a sustainable location within walking distance of key amenities and services including Gateshead Town Centre and Newcastle City Centre

 Providing your Feedback

This project creates an opportunity to provide much needed high-quality residential development in a highly sustainable location along the banks of the River Tyne, within proximity to both Gateshead Town Centre and Newcastle City Centre.

If you have any suggestions or feedback, please feel free to post your comments using the ‘Feedback Form’ on our consultation website, or by emailing your comments to by 3rd February 2021. The design team will review your feedback and formally record and respond to key topics within a Statement of Community Involvement, which will be submitted with the application.

Alternatively, please post your comments to:

DPP, Studio 012, Haylofts, St Thomas Street, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 4LE

Please submit your comments on or before 3rd February 2021.

Once the planning application has been submitted, full details will be available on the Gateshead Council website and there will be a further opportunity to comment.

We look forward to receiving your comments on the proposed development.

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Location Plan

Location Plan

Proposed Site Layout

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Proposed Langlands House Type Elevations

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Proposed Moore House Type Elevations

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