Welcome to the public consultation page for a proposed development to regenerate the derelict industrial land to the south of Firth Road, Lincoln through the development of a new student village. The proposed development includes the erection of 22 HMOs and 1 building for office and residential use with associated parking and landscaping works in Phase 1 of the development. Phase 2 includes approximately 3 apartment blocks and 9 HMOs with associated parking and landscaping works.

Currently vacant, the site previously hosted large industrial buildings which have been demolished. Therefore, the proposed development presents a significant opportunity to redevelop a large vacant, allocated site within a prominent city location. As part of City of Lincoln Council’s strategic housing priorities, they aim to work with providers to deliver more student accommodation to meet demand. The proposed student accommodation village will be situated a 10 minutes’ walk from University of Lincoln buildings and library, which are located to the north. As such, the site presents an ideal opportunity for future residents to be able to easily access university facilities by all sustainable modes of transport.

The Site

The site is located to the south of Firth Road in Lincoln and is situated approximately 280 metres south-west of Lincoln city centre. There are a range of uses in the surrounding area; the land beyond the site’s northern boundary comprises Tritton Retail Park to the north-west and a small business park to the north-east. The River Witham runs along the eastern boundary, whilst a stream runs along the southern boundary. Residential properties are located further east and south, across the waterways. A gym and a small row of residential properties are situated beyond the western boundary of the site.

Vehicular and pedestrian access is provided off Firth Road to the north. The nearest bus stops are located on Tritton Road (B1003), outside Morrisons, and are a 7-minute walk from the Site. These bus stops offer two services per hour, throughout the day, to Lincoln city centre and one service per hour, from 7am to 7pm, to nearby residential areas. A range of services and facilities are available within acceptable walking distances from the Site (maximum walking distance of 25-minutes1 ). Morrisons supermarket is a 9-minute walk, whilst Tesco Extra, University of Lincoln buildings and library, and retail stores, are located 10-minutes’ away in Lincoln city centre.

The site is allocated for a mixed-use development under Policy LP35 – Lincoln’s Regeneration and Opportunity Areas, of the Central Lincolnshire Local Plan, including accommodation for students. The site is also included in Part 1 of the Council’s Brownfield Land Register (site ref: CL534). Part 1 contains sites categorised as previously developed land which are considered by the Council to be suitable, available and achievable for housing-led development.

The Proposal

The proposal is to be divided into two phases. Phase 1 consists of  310  bedspaces over 23 buildings within  7no.  3 storey house types, including 16no. accessible units and an office use. Amenity areas have been designed to be the focus point  around which the houses are arranged creating welcoming pockets of green space within the development.

Phase 2 consists of a similar arrangement of 3 storey HMOs used in Phase 1. In addition to the HMOs, 3 blocks of apartments have been introduced to the northern boundary of the Phase 2 site, ranging from 4 to 7-storeys. This allows for more variation in terms of apartment sizes, and screens off the large commercial/industrial  units  to the north of the site, creating a more formal closure to the student village. In terms of units; phase 2 will provide circa 276 bed spaces within apartments (sizes ranging from Studio to 4 bedrooms) and HMOs (3 to 8 bedrooms). Each apartment block incorporates cycle/bin storage and shared communal areas at the ground floor, including a gym.

A previous rendition of the proposed development was discussed with the Local Planning Authority and Council Members in Summer 2020. The comments received at this stage have been considered and taken on board to provide a scheme which is more in-keeping with the surrounding area, particularly the large residential areas to the east and south of the site. As such, the proposed buildings have been re-designed with red brick and grey brick recessed accents, and mansard roofs, proposed which is considered to be more appropriate than the initial contemporary approach.

The strategy behind the landscaped areas is to create several pockets of green space/amenity area which are focal points around the neighbouring buildings. This creates pleasant outlooks for the houses and more personal amenity areas. Suitable trees will be introduced around the site to act as screens and further enhancement to the landscaped areas. These along with the proposed naturalistic wetland planting will provide encouragement to increase the local biodiversity vastly enhancing what was once an industrial area.

The primary point of pedestrian access into the development is off Firth Road to the north with the reception and management offices directly adjacent to the main entrance, ready to receive residents and guests. A secondary pedestrian access point has been included to the east of the site off the access road along the River Witham. In all cases, pedestrian access is to be controlled with access devices.

Due to the proximity it is anticipated that the majority of the residents will walk to campus, however, to encourage sustainable travel, 84 secure cycle stores are to be provided for Phase 1. Phase 2 also incorporates secure cycle storage within the blocks of apartments and around the site.

The main entrance off Firth Road is the only point for vehicular access. All roads satisfy needs for refuse, service and emergency vehicle access. During the pre-application discussions; 50% resident parking was the aim for the proposal, which we have aimed to provide. Refuse collection points are located around the site within secure refuse stores.

The proposal intends to contribute to the City of Lincoln’s strategic housing priorities in which they aim to work with providers to deliver more student accommodation to meet demand. The proposed development will also present a significant opportunity to redevelop a large vacant, allocated site within a prominent city location, creating a more appealing streetscape.

The indicative proposed plans and visuals are included below.

 Providing your feedback

We would welcome any feedback you may have on the proposed development and would be grateful if you could return any comments by 27th September 2021. Please use the below form to provide your feedback.

Once the planning application has been submitted, full details will be available on Lincoln City Council’s website.

Proposed Site Plan

Download Proposed Site Plan

Proposed Street Elevations 1

Download Proposed Street Elevations 1

Proposed Street Elevations 2

Download Proposed Street Elevations 2

Proposed House Types A & B Plans and Elevations

Download Proposed House Types A & B Plans and Elevations

Proposed House Type C Plans and Elevations

Download Proposed House Type C Plans and Elevations

Proposed Office/Apartment Type D Plans and Elevations

Download Proposed Office/Apartment Type D Plans and Elevations

Proposed House Type E Plans and Elevations

Download Proposed House Type E Plans and Elevations

Proposed House Type F Plans and Elevations

Download Proposed House Type F Plans and Elevations

Proposed House Type G Plans and Elevations

Download Proposed House Type G Plans and Elevations

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