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DPP London has successfully delivered planning permission for a new school building for Chailey Secondary School in East Sussex, which will see the existing main school building and various temporary classrooms demolished and replaced with a new part two and three storey building.

Although plans for the 810-place school’s new building were initially refused by Lewes District Council in July 2018, due to concerns around its design and impact on neighbours, the proactive response from the team, guided a redesign process and re-engagement with the community to address their concerns. By resubmitting the application rather than going to appeal, savings in the region of £100,000 were made and a delay of up to a year avoided. Following amendments made to the building’s location, design, materials and landscaping the planning committee supported the improvements to the scheme and resolved that the benefits of creating new school buildings merited granting planning permission. DPP also secured permission for the temporary accommodation which will be used during the construction of the main school building which is due to commence in the summer.

Speaking about the decision, Chailey’s Headteacher Helen Key said;

I am delighted with the result of tonight’s committee meeting which will bring so many benefits to our students, staff and the Chailey community. We would like to thank everyone who has supported us and look forward to the next steps of this exciting journey.

Tim Spencer, Associate Director DPP London said;

This has been a challenging project; balancing the needs of the school and the broader community, the pressures of the site and context and the potential impacts on the adjacent residents. We are very pleased to have overcome the initial decision through arriving at an amended application which addresses the concerns raised by Lewes District Council.


Tim Spencer, Associate Director, DPP London


Images courtesy of  Ares Landscape Architects

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