The Proposal

In accordance with the Cardiff Local Development Plan, Castell Y Mynach Estate proposes to submit an application on this 38.9-hectare site approximately 650 new residential units along with new site accesses. The application will be in outline format with all matters reserved except for main access. The indicative masterplan for the site submitted with the application illustrates an achievable layout, open space and landscaping areas. However, these matters will be addressed in detail through the submission of reserved matters applications.

The illustrative masterplan for the site envisages the site can be developed to include:

  • Three parcels of residential development consisting of approximately 650 units;
  • Two access points off Llantrisant Road;
  • One access point on to Cardiff Road;
  • Pedestrian, bicycle and emergency access to the north into the existing settlement;
  • Opening up of ancient woodland for community use;
  • Strategic pedestrian and cycle routes through the site;
  • Series of new play areas;
  • Sustainable urban drainage system (SUDs);
  • New planting; and
  • Enhanced ecological features.

The Consultation


SCHEDULE 1B/1C Articles 2C & 2D

Proposed development at Land South of Creigiau, Creigiau

We give notice that Castell Y Mynach Estate is intending to apply for planning permission to Cardiff Council for the following development:

Outline planning application, with all matters reserved except for strategic access, for the development of approximately 650 dwellings, including open space (including play areas and areas of informal recreation), landscaping, sustainable drainage systems, vehicular accesses, improvement works to the existing highway network, pedestrian and cycle accesses and related infrastructure and engineering works.”

Prior to formal submission to the Local Planning Authority and in accordance with the requirements set out in Part 1A of the Town & Country Planning (Development Management Procedure) (Wales) Order 2016, the proposal will be subject to a 28-day pre-application consultation.

All relevant drawings, reports and supplementary supporting documents are made available for inspection and review below.

Anyone who wishes to make representations about this proposed development must do so by the 30th July 2019.

We would encourage you to provide your comments below, alternatively please send your comments to; DPP, Sophia House, 28 Cathedral Road, Cardiff, CF11 9LJ or

A PUBLIC EXHIBITION event will take place at Creigiau Golf Club on the 16th July 2019 between 2pm and 8pm where visitors will be able to view the plans and discuss the proposals with members of the design team. We encourage as many people as possible to attend this event to learn more about the proposals.



Environmental Impact Assessment

Volume 1 – Non-Technical Summary

Non-Technical Summary

Volume 2 – Main Text

Chapter 0 – Preface and Contents

Chapter 1 – Introduction

Chapter 2 – Assessment Methodology

Appendix 2.1 Scoping Report

Appendix 2.2 Scoping Response

Chapter 3 – Application Site

Chapter 4 – Proposed Development


4.1 Red Line Plan

4.2 Illustrative Masterplan

4.3 Street Hierarchy

4.4 Pedestrian Movement

4.5 Development Area

4.6 Density

4.7 Scale

4.8 Townscape

4.9 Catchments

4.10 Phasing

4.11 Character Areas

4.12 Green Infrastructure

4.13 Future Metro Alignment

4.14 Strategic Cycle Routes

Chapter 5 – Alternative Sites and Development Options

Chapter 6 – Society and Economics

Chapter 7 – Transport Movement and Access

Chapter 8 –  Ecology and Nature Conservation

Appendix 1 – Scoping

Appendix 2 – List of SINCs

Appendix 3 – List of Relevant Policies

Chapter 9 –  Landscape and Visual Impact

LVI Appendices

Chapter 10 – Hydrology and Drainage

Appendix 10.1 – Outline Drainage Strategy

Appendix 10.2 – NRW Consultation Response

Appendix 10.3 – Outline Foul Drainage Strategy

Chapter 11 –  Ground Conditions

Appendix 11.1 – Desk Study

Appendix 11.2 – Relevant Policies

Chapter 12 –  Noise

Appendix 12.A – Glossary of Terms

Appendix 12.B – Noise Measurement and Assessment Locations

Appendix 12.C – Noise Monitoring Information Sheets

Appendix 12.D – Measurement Results

Appendix 12.E – Noise Contour Plots

Chapter 13 – Air Quality

Chapter 14 –  Cultural Heritage and Archaeology

Appendix 14.1 Location of Heritage Assets

Appendix 14.2 – Heritage Assets with 1840 Pentyrch Map

Appendix 14.3 – Heritage Assets with 1845 Peterstone S.Ely Map

Appendix 14.4 – Heritage Assests with 1840 St Fagan Map

Appendix 14.5 – Heritage Assets with 1877 OS Map

Appendix 14.6 – Heritage Assets with 1900 OS Map

Appendix 14.7 – Heritage Assets with 1919 OS Map

Appendix 14.8 – Heritage Assets with 1941 OS Map

Chapter 15 – Cumulative Impacts

Chapter 16 – Summary of Mitigation and Residual Effects


Volume 3 – Technical Appendices

Ch 3 – Ecology & nature Conservation

Tech App 8.1 – Phase 1 Habitat Survey

Tech App 8.2 – Creigiau NVC Survey

Tech App 8.3 – Creigiau Hedgerow Survey

Tech App 8.4 – Creigiau Bat Survey

Tech App 8.5 – Creigiau Breeding Bird Survey

Tech App 8.6 – Creigiau Dormouse Survey

Tech App 8.7 – Creigiau GCN Survey

Tech App 8.8 – Creigiau Badger Otter and Water Vole Survey

Ch 7 Access and Movement

Tech App 7.2 Travel Plan

Ch13 Air Quality

Tech App 13.1 Air Quality

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