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Providing your Feedback

We would welcome any feedback you may have on the proposed development. Please send any comments you may have to consultation@dppukltd.com where your feedback will be logged and any queries answered.

Alternatively, if you prefer not to use a computer, please feel free to post your comments to:



Please provide your comments by XXXXX.

Once the planning application has been submitted, full details will be available on the Council’s website and there will be a further opportunity to comment. 

We look forward to receiving your comments on the proposed development.

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Location Plan

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Proposed Site Plan

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Proposed Ground Floor Plan

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Proposed First Floor Plan

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Proposed Second Floor Plan

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Proposed Elevations – Sheet 1

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Proposed Elevations – Sheet 2

Download Proposed Elevations – Sheet 2

Proposed Aerial View

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Proposed Building View

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Proposed Front Entrance View

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Proposed Rear Building View

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Consultation Leaflet

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