Welcome to the online consultation page which provides further information about the proposed change of use from residential dwellinghouse (Use Class C3) to residential Children’s Home (Use Class C2) at Ayton Villa, Galloping Green Road, Eighton Banks, Gateshead, NE9 7XA.

It is proposed to convert Ayton Villa from a residential dwellinghouse (use class C3) into a residential home for four children in care (use class C2) on behalf of UK children’s charity Action for Children.

Action for Children is a not-for-profit charity working to improve life for children in the UK so that  every child and young person has a safe and happy childhood, and the foundations they need to thrive. One of the ways they do this is by giving children and young people safe and nurturing homes, and through the proposed conversion this need will be met.

The Proposed Development will involve accommodating the care of four children and, consequently, the property will operate as a children’s care home with carers who operate on a shift basis.

A full planning application for the proposed development is due to be submitted to Gateshead Council shortly, and on behalf of our client, Action for Children, we are providing you with the opportunity to view and comment in advance of the submission.

Action for Children would welcome your feedback and would like to offer you the opportunity to submit any comments you may have regarding the proposed development.

The Site

Ayton Villa is situated on Galloping Green Road in Eighton Banks, Gateshead. It currently comprises a 4 bedroom property, garage, conservatory and garden. The site is irregular in shape and is bound to the north by a residential property; to the east by Galloping Green Road and fields on the other side; and residential housing to the south and west. The end of Hazelwood Close slightly borders the site along the south-east corner.

The surrounding area to the north west includes Wrekenton High Street. This includes an Aldi which is 370m from the site, 10 minute walk and Wrekenton Post Office which is 300m from the site and a 5 minute walk. To the north east there is Wrekenton health centre which is 280m away from the site. There are two primary schools to the north of the property; St Oswalds Primary School and Fell Dyke Community Primary School, which are both a circa 7 minute walk away. There is also Barchester – Springvale Court Care Home 200m to the north of the site. To the east of the site there are fields which are located in the Green Belt, and to the west and south of the site are existing residential properties. Vehicular and pedestrian access to the site will remain coming from Galloping Green Road onto a private driveway.

The Site does not contain any listed buildings, is located entirely within Flood Zone 1 and has a low probability of flooding from rivers or the sea. The Site is also at very low risk of surface water flooding according to the Environment Agency surface water flood risk map.

The Proposed Development

It is proposed to change the use of Ayton Villa from a residential dwellinghouse (use class C3) into a residential home for four children in care (use class C2) on behalf of UK children’s charity Action for Children. The Proposed Development will involve accommodating the care of up to four children and, consequently, the property will operate as a children’s care home with carers who operate on a shift basis. It is proposed that three staff will be on duty each day, and two staff present overnight.

No significant external alterations are proposed to the existing property, only the addition of two windows (one along the northern and one along the southern elevation) to facilitate the proposed internal division of an existing bedroom into two bedrooms and of an existing bedroom into a bedroom and staff office/WC. No other external alterations are anticipated in terms of landscaping or access from the local highway network.

Internally, an additional bedroom, staff office and WC will be created by dividing each of the existing large bedrooms into two, and the existing bathroom will also be divided to create an additional bathroom. One of the bedrooms will be a staff bedroom complete with en-suite facilities.

The Proposed Development is not anticipated to create any adverse levels of noise or disturbance and seeks to maintain Ayton Villa as a quiet residential property. Indeed, visitors to the home must be planned in advance via appointment with the registered manager. If any contractors are required to access the site, this will be via appointment during the hours of 9am and 3pm. Food deliveries are not anticipated as shopping will be undertaken by the staff team and young people where appropriate (as would often be the case in a family home).

The applicant has been in discussions with the Designing Out Crime Officer at Northumbria Police, who have confirmed that the location of the site would be suitable for the proposed development.  The Designing Out Crime Officer also confirmed that as the location itself is gated, it offers another level of security for the premises, in addition to good accessibility to open spaces nearby.

The Proposed Development does not seek to substantially increase the capacity of, or alter the existing access to, the residential dwelling. As such, it is not anticipated that the Proposed Development will generate any adverse impacts upon the local highway network in terms of highway safety. Currently, the property contains the capacity to accommodate five parked cars within its boundary, which will remain to be available for use by the proposed carers of children at Ayton Villa. Carers will operate on a shift basis, whereby a maximum of five staff will be present at one time. As such, the existing car parking provision is sufficient and will not cause adverse impacts upon the local highway network.

Please click to view PDF versions of the existing and indicative plans for the proposed development

Providing your Feedback

The Proposed Development seeks to continue to provide residential accommodation at Ayton Villa and will operate to all intents and purposes as a family home, albeit for vulnerable children in need of care and with a team of carers rather than parents. Action for Children’s approach to delivering a high-standard of care for vulnerable children is based on the recognition that each child/young person is an individual with unique experiences and needs. The personalised care plans, based upon an individualised psychological formulation, are responsive to this and aim to provide growth and development in health, education, personal identity, family/social relationships, social presentation, emotional and behavioural development, promoting independence and helping children/young people reach their full potential.

Please submit any comments you may have using the Feedback Form’ below, or by emailing your comments to Alternatively, you can post your comments to:

DPP Planning, Studio 012, Haylofts, St Thomas’ Street, Newcastle Upon Tyne, NE1 4LE.

Please submit your comments on or before 12pm on Friday 11th February 2022.

Once the planning application has been submitted, full details will be available on the Gateshead Council website and there will be a further opportunity to comment.

We look forward to receiving your comments on the proposed development.

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